Quantum Phase Transitions

by Subir Sachdev

Cambridge University Press
ISBN - 0 521 58254 7 (Hardcover)
-------- 0 521 00454 3 (Paperback)
LC Call No.: QC175.16.P5S23 2000
Publication year: 1999

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PART I: Introduction

1  Basic concepts
    1.1  What is a quantum phase transition ?
    1.2  Quantum versus classical phase transitions
    1.3  Experimental examples
    1.4  Theoretical models
        1.4.1  Quantum Ising model
        1.4.2  Quantum rotor model
2  The mapping to classical statistical mechanics: single site models
3  Overview

PART II: Quantum Ising and Rotor Models

4  The Ising chain in a transverse field
5  Quantum rotor models: large N limit
6  The d = 1, O(N ³ 3) rotor models
7  The d = 2, O(N ³ 3) rotor models
8  Physics close to and above the upper-critical dimension
9  Transport in d = 2

PART III: Other Models

10  Boson Hubbard model
11  Dilute Fermi and Bose gases
12  Phase transitions of Fermi liquids
13  Heisenberg spins: ferromagnets and antiferromagnets
14  Spin chains: bosonization
15  Magnetic ordering transitions of disordered systems, co-authored with T. Senthil
16  Quantum spin glasses