Quantum magnetism in metals

Metallic systems can undergo quantum transitions involving the onset of magnetic order. In addition to the usual collective magnetic modes, the critical theory of the transition may have to include the gapless fermionic excitations across the Fermi surface.

Transitions involving the onset of a spin polarization which oscillates at a non-zero wavevector are considered in papers 1, 3, 4. In paper 1 we discuss a case for which the Fermi surface excitation are relatively unimportant, and transition is similar to that in an insulator with dynamic exponent z=1. Paper 3 consider the case where the Fermi surface excitations are important, and describes the crossover from z=1 to Fermi surface-like z=2 quantum criticality; paper 4 argues that such a crossover is likely to occur for a metal that is in the vicinity of a Mott insulating state.

Some issues related to the onset of ferromagnetism in a metallic state are considered in paper 2.

The onset of spin glass order in metals is considered in papers 5, 6, 7, and discussed further in a separate category.


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