Crossovers near quantum critical points: general issues

A number of papers discussing theoretical issues related to finite temperature crossovers near a quantum critical point have been collected together in this category. Papers 1-10 deal mainly with low-dimensional systems which only have a critical point at zero temperatures, but do not have any finite temperature phase transitions. There can nevertheless be intricate crossovers between distinct finite temperature regimes, and also between different zero temperature quantum critical points (paper 5). Papers 10, 12, 13, 14 consider higher dimensional cases in which there is a line of finite temperature phase transitions connecting with a zero temperature critical point. The case where both the finite temperature and zero temperature phase transitions are below their respective upper-critical dimensions is one of considerable subtlety and requires a fairly sophisticated analysis to extract the universal behaviors: these issues are discussed in paper 10 for static properties, and in paper 13 for dynamic properties.


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