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Subir Sachdev
Professor of Physics
Harvard University
Harvard University

Research topics

My research is discussed under following research categories, along with links to all my publications. The categories appear roughly in reverse chronological order of the papers under them. Some papers appear in more than one category. Review and pedagogical articles are in marked with a . Paper titles are linked to PDF files containing the complete text and figures. A list of all publications is available. A list of almost all papers since April 1992 is also at the cond-mat archive. Among these, is the very first paper on the cond-mat archive.

  1. Iron-arsenic superconductors
  2. Superconducting nanowires
  3. Algebraic charge liquids (Nature Physics News and Views, January 2008)
  4. Quantum critical transport and black holes (Nature News and Views, August 2007; Dutch newspaper, September 2007; Interview by FQXi; Nature News, July 2009; Physics Viewpoint, October 2010; Nature News, October 2010; Nature, October 2011; Science, August 2012)
  5. Electron interactions in graphene
  6. Quantum vortex dynamics in two-dimensional superconductors
  7. Deconfined quantum criticality (Science Perspectives, March 2004; PhysOrg.com, August 2010)
  8. Quantum criticality in correlated metals( Physics Viewpoint, August 2010)
  9. Radiation-induced states of the 2D electron gas (Physics Today, April 2003)
  10. Quantum phases of ultracold atomic gases (Physics Today, March 2002, Nature, April 2011)
  11. Tuning magnetic and valence-bond-solid (VBS) order in the cuprate superconductors (Physics Today, February 2002)
  12. Gapped fermionic excitations in two-dimensional antiferromagnets and superconductors
  13. Quantum impurities in two-dimensional antiferromagnets and d-wave superconductors
  14. Quantum phase transitions in d-wave superconductors: damping of nodal quasiparticles
  15. Translational symmetry breaking and valence-bond-solid (VBS) order in doped antiferromagnets (Physics Today, September 2004)
  16. Magnetism of quantum Hall states (Physics Today, June 2000)
  17. Nonequilibrium dynamics of the Bose gas
  18. Critical points between quantum Hall states
  19. Transport near quantum critical points
  20. Quantum phases and transitions with a macroscopic magnetic moment
  21. Crossovers near quantum critical points: general issues (Physics Today, March 2002)
  22. Chiral edge states and the network model of the integer quantum Hall effect
  23. Finite temperature crossovers of the quantum Ising chain
  24. Dynamics of one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnets
  25. Quantum magnetism in metals
  26. Quantum spin glasses and quantum transitions in disordered systems
  27. Fractionalization: superconductivity and stable hc/e vortices
  28. Superconductivity of correlated electron systems
  29. Magnetic quantum-criticality and the collective spin resonance in the high temperature superconductors
  30. Self-organized criticality
  31. Quantum dimer model
  32. Fractionalization: spin liquids with deconfined spinons and non-collinear magnetic order in two-dimensional antiferromagnets
  33. Confining paramagnets, and Neel and valence-bond-solid (VBS) order in two-dimensional antiferromagnets
  34. Magnetism near the metal-insulator transition
  35. Icosahedral order in metallic glasses and quasicrystals (Physics Today, July 2003)
  36. Melting in two dimensions
  37. Atom in a damped cavity