Finite temperature crossovers of the quantum Ising chain

The Ising chain in a transverse field is one of the simplest models which exhibits a quantum critical point. The finite temperature crossovers in the vicinity of the critical point can be described rather precisely, both for static (paper 1) and dynamic (paper 3) properties, as outlined in the figure below.

Finite temperature crossovers of the Ising chain in a transverse field. The coupling g is a measure of the transverse field strength. For large g, all spins point along the direction of the transverse field (+x) in the ground state; the excited states consist of "particles" of flipped (-x) spins moving in this background. For small g, the spins are ferromagnetically aligned by their exchange interactions, and the "particles" are now domain walls separating regions of oppositely aligned spins. In the quantum critical region, neither description is valid, and non-trivial scaling arguments must be used.


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