Quantum phases and transitions with a macroscopic magnetic moment

Exploring the vicinity of a quantum critical point requires availability of a tuning parameter (other than the temperature) which can modify parameters in the Hamiltonian. One of the most convenient is an applied magnetic field. It couples via the Zeeman term to the total spin, and can thus drive quantum phase transitions between phases with and without a macroscopic magnetic moment. Often, the total spin operator commutes with the Hamiltonian, and in these cases the conservation law has strong consequences for the theory of the quantum critical point. The papers below explore a number of experimentally relevant quantum critical points of this type, and show how the conservation of total spin leads has clear experimental signatures in the quantum critical fluctuations.

Experimental examples of such transitions are in B. C. Watson et al., Physical Review Letters 86, 5168 (2001), S. A. Vitkalov et al., Physical Review Letters 87, 086401 (2001), and G. Chaboussant et al., Physical Review Letters 80, 2713 (1998).


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