Fractionalization: spin liquids with deconfined spinons and non-collinear magnetic order in two-dimensional antiferromagnets

In addition to the confined states discussed earlier , an exciting possibility is that two-dimensional quantum paramagnets will have deconfined S=1/2 spinon excitations. These are charge neutral, S=1/2 excitations, and so the spin and charge of the underlying electrons have been fractionalized. The first definite model for such a phase was presented in paper 1, which related it to the deconfinement transition in a field theoretic model of a compact U(1) gauge theory coupled to a charge 2 Higgs field; as cited in paper 1, it was shown earlier in E. Fradkin and S. Shenker, Physical Review D 19, 3682 (1979) that the deconfinement transition in such a model is related to that in Z2 gauge theory, which is dual to the three-dimensional Ising model. In the present applications to quantum paramagnets, there are additional Berry phase terms that appear in the Z2 gauge theory (which appear in the form of frustrated couplings in the dual Ising model); this was shown in paper 3. Quite remarkably, the same "odd" Z2 gauge theory, with precisely the same Berry phase terms, appeared in the study of the interplay between antiferromagnetism and d-wave superconductivity in T. Senthil and Matthew P. A. Fisher Physical Review B 62, 7850 (2000).


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