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Subir Sachdev
Herchel Smith Professor of Physics
Harvard University
Harvard University

Introduction to Research

My research describes the connection between physical properties of modern quantum materials and the nature of quantum entanglement in the many-particle wavefunction. I have worked extensively on the description of the diverse varieties of entangled states of quantum matter. These include states with topological order, with and without an energy gap to excitations, and critical states without quasiparticle excitations. Many of my theories have been linked to experiments, especially to the rich phase diagrams of the high temperature superconductors.

Extreme examples of complex quantum entanglement arise in metallic states of matter without quasiparticle excitations, often called strange metals. Remarkably, there is an intimate connection between the quantum physics of strange metals found in modern materials (which can be studied in tabletop experiments), and quantum entanglement near black holes of astrophysics. This connection is seen most clearly in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model, which employs a common set of equations to describe the quantum dynamics of certain strange metals and black holes.

For more information, see this Wikipedia page, my YouTube channel, and my lectures on the Perimeter Institute Archive and at KITP, Santa Barbara. See also